Power button is sticking. Must wiggle finger on button to get it to come back out how do I fix?

Seems the button is not going in and out as smooth as it use to.  It sticks.

I have been looking for a replacement front bezel to this computer so I can get a new power switch.

I really don't want to "mod" the case with an Radio Shack type button.  

Any ideas where I an get a new face to the computer, or new button.... or ideas on how to fix this?
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Wet lube will stick with dust over time. If you can get at the sides of the button rub with graphite (pencil lead). Just rub it where the button sticks, don't overdo it as it is conductive, you don't want it inside the system.

Chris B

For some reason the HP website won't let me link to the final result page: http://h20141.www2.hp.com/hpparts/Search_Results.asp?mscssid=K40EVX99CP9C8HVGHAJMJS0JLPFQ3QM2

They have the bezel assembly for $23.00.  Go to that link, then search for your model #


just check the front of the case... the front plate may be on slightly off centered, etc.
check what is causing it to stick, is it rubbing ??? dirtly, etc ??
clean around it and bend or move the front plate slightly to accomodate it to move, also put some 3in1 oil along side of it as well to free it.  Just play with it and try to expand the shaft where it rides in and out from.
u can always leave it on and turn it on and off from the power strip or back of pc if the power supply has an on off button, just change the power on options in the setup.
I agree. I would start with lubrication. Not too many problems can't be fixed with a squirt of WD-40. And that smell is soooo intoxicating.
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