What is the best data type to use for currency

Hi guys,
What is the best data type to use for currency. I ask this because currently I am using 'Single' data type however it often gives me 15.4999999, etc. so I have to keep rounding that to 2 decimal places and formatting. That seems so inefficient, especially if there is significant amount of computation being done.

Any suggestions?

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You can always use the Format function to curtail the numer of digits you want to see after the decimanl like this:
Dim decNumber as Decimal
decNumber = 15.4999999
Daniel ReynoldsSoftware Applications Developer / IntegratorCommented:
the documentation recommends to use the Decimal Type
gem56Author Commented:
Tanks for that guys.

I considered using Decimal type but thought in light of its size (8 bytes) that Single was more efficient to use (4 bytes). I'll try Decimal type but it seems I can't get away from using Round and Format functions. It's OK for now but in future if I need to do more repetitive computation I may feel different.

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