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Default gateway setting lost according to ipconfig but shows through control panel.

Running windows 2003 standard 32bit, SP1.  Broadcom 1GBit.  Machine has two NICs installed, one for the frontnet and one for the backnet.  FrontNet has 2 public IPs and a public default gateway.  For no known reason or cause the machine will stop responding on the public IP NIC when pinged from an outside address.  When pinged from a machien on the same subnet there is a response and all is good.  A closer look at ipconfig shows that there is no default gw assigned to the nic, but when I go into Control Panel and check there the default gateway is set.   If I do a repair on the NIC via CP and then do another IPConfig the gateway is listed properly and the world is again a perfect place.  There were no windows update, no changes to that machine between the time it was working and then not working.  The machien allows HTTPS/HTTP traffic only via an SPI FW at the perimeter.  Any ideas what causes and what the permanent fix may be?  Thank you.
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Alan Huseyin KayahanCommented:
        Hi BladesAway
                A computer can not have more than 1 default gateway. So what you have to do is removing the gateway for inside NIC permenantly, leave it blank (If there is no inside router/vlan, otherwise you have to route add) and let only the OUTSIDE interface has a default gateway.

BladesAwayAuthor Commented:
Each NIC can have its own gateway in a multi-homed environment which this is, and other nodes in the environment are functioning fine and have never experienced this issue in the two+ years that they have been running.   In this particular situation the gateway setting is not shown when doing a an IPconfig yet it shows through control panel.  This suggest to me that there is something else going on.  Any more thoughts?

Thank you.

I am having the exact same issue strangely enough. Only used to be with 1 of my servers but now with 3. I have a teamed pair public facing NIC's and a couple of NIC's for my iSCSI SAN. I seem to lose the public NICs' default gateway often. obviously this prevents any users outside the building from accessing the server and can be a pain.
I am having almost the same issue:2 Nics,the Default Gaway is on the FrontNIC.But this morning ,the GW was gone.

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