DNS server, adding dns for internal website on another domain

We just setup an internal webserver and we have it hosting a few sites.  2 of the 3 sites we have dns setup for the domains.  the last one that we just setup we don't currently host dns for it, i was wondering if there was a way to point a single entry to a specific server or do i need to create a new domain then set it up there.

i hope that makes sense... something like this,

www.domain1.com - we are hosting dns
www.domain2.com - we are hosting dns
www.domain3.com - currently not setup because all we need to specify is one server.
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If there is a DNS entry somewhere for www.domain3.com, then you could add a conditional forwarder for domain3.com and pointing to the DNS server which hosts the entry.

Assuming there is no DNS server hosting the entry anywhere, you could create your own zone for domain3.com and just add an A record for www with the appropriate IP address.
You could use a host file if I understand your question correctly.
lgropperAuthor Commented:
we have about 50 users in our office and i would like them all to have this update.  no dns entry i could do?  I guess just host dns for that domain as well?
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