How to move Remote Installation Service Share to another Local Disk

I am running out of space on the disk that my Remote Installation Service share is currently on. I want to move it to another local disk, (ex. from D: to F: ). Can someone tell me how to do this?
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kzabbottSenior Systems AdministratorCommented:
Use Xcopy /R /E /O ; or
Robocopy /COPYALL ;
or Scopy / to copy the data to the new local disk and preserve the NTFS Permissions.

Make a note exactly what share or shares you have on D: and what the permissions are.

Use DiskManager to change the Drive Letter from D: to something else
Use DiskManager to change the Drive Letter from F: to D:

Manualy recreate the share(s) and reset the permissions or use Rmtshare.exe to create shares remotely:

To create or to delete shares on a remote server by using the Rmtshare.exe tool, use a command with the following syntax:
rmtshare \\server[\sharename[=path [/printer]]] [/grant [user[:perms ]]] [/remove user][/users:number] [/unlimited] [/remark:"text"] /delete
An explanation of the syntax of the preceding command is: " The "\\server\sharename" syntax refers to both the server and the share that you can create, inspect, modify, or delete.
" The "/grant user:perms" syntax adds the name of a valid user or group on the server that have permissions, or changes the permissions of the user in an access control list. The valid permissions are: r=read, c=change (write), f=full, and n=none. You can type "read", but only the first character is used.
" The "/remove user" syntax removes the specific entry for a user. Then, that user inherits permissions (in contrast to "/grant user:none" that denies any access to the user).
" The "/users:number" syntax is the number of users that have privileges to the server and share.
" The "/delete" syntax deletes the share that are specified by the "\\server\sharename" syntax.
NOTE: If a sharename or path contains spaces, enclose either the sharename or path in quotes, for example: \\server\"with space"="c:\with space".

For additional information, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
155449 ( Batch Process to Create and Grant Access to Home Directories

Use Permcopy.exe from the Win2K3 Resource Tools to copy the share permissions from share A to share B (assuming those share still exist after re-assigning drive letters - I don't think they will)

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