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OK somehow I managed to decommission my exchange 2000 server after migrating to exchange server 2003. As I stumbled through the uniinstall, I noticed when I was in the exchange system manager under the "recipient update" there are two services that are pointing to my domain controller lets call it server1.

First what do these services do?

I am going to be phasing out that domain controller. My question is when I bring up my new domain controller and get ready to power down my old dc (server1) is it just a matter of point those services in exchange to my new dc?

Also is there anywhere else I need to be check for references of my old dc within exchange manager?

I'm sure these questions are easy to answer but I am increasing the points do to multiple questions
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Hypercat (Deb)Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The recipient update service is the piece of Exchange that is responsible for the connectivity between Exchange and Active Directory.  It automatically generates email address for AD users and resources.  The server that is specified for the RUS to use has to be a global catalog server as well as a domain controller.  If you only have one domain controller in your organization, then this will automatically be configured as a global catalog server.  However, when you add a second DC, you will have to manually configure it as a global catalog server to make sure that the RUS can use it.  

When you are getting ready to remove your original domain controller, you will have to move all of the FSMO roles, including the global catalog server role, to the new domain controller.  Here's an article on the FSMO roles:

To make the new DC a global catalog server:

1.  Open the AD Sites and Services MMC.
2.  Expand the Default First Site Name object until you can see the NTDS Settings object below the server name of your new DC.
3.  Right-click the NTDS Settings object and go to Properties.
4.  Click the Global catalog checkbox to enable it.

There is probably a command-line way of doing this, but I can't think of it right now, and the steps above are pretty easy.
one is a domain level RUS, the other is an enterprise level RUS. in addition to what hypercat already mentioned, you are going to dcpromo the other dc, not just power it down, right? anyways, after you've put in the new dc and everything looks good, just change those rus's to point to the new dc.

Did you follow the KB article on how to remove the Exchange 2000 machine?
If not you may want to review it to ensure that you didn't miss anything.

djp12345Author Commented:

I followed the kb article
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