Our Server seems to be down. Able to ping, but get inconsistent response time.

I tried a ping and it sent out 4 packets and received them all, but the response time was very inconsistent.  One of the response times would be normal, but we get an occasional TIMED OUT error... We don't have internet access and our servers are down. Any suggestions???? Please??
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) reboot the servers

2) Check the 3 event logs

I hope this helps !
Jscott82305Author Commented:
I just found the problem.  There must have been a broken link in the switch.  I noticed a rapid blink going on one of the ports and I removed the switch from the link and I think that solved the problem.  I had already rebooted the servers and checked the event log...  I was receiving errors: 4004, 4015 source: DNS.  I removed the suspected switch and we seem to be getting steady results from ping.  Thank you for your opinion though.
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