Can't establish trust between 2 domains on same subnet


I have two separate domains on the same subnet. I'm unable to establish a trust between the two and suspect my DNS setup is incorrect. Here's the situation:
- DC1 is dc.domain1.local,
- DC2 is dc.domain2.local,
- Both domain controllers have DNS and WINS
- Both DCs are Windows 2003 Server Std.

I'm not really sure where to start. Any help is appreciated.

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I have found stub zones to be less effective than full secondary copies.

I would try making secondary copies of each domain in the other domain so...

On DC.DOMAIN1.LOCAL, you need to create a secondary DNS zone for Domain2

On DC.DOMAIN2.LOCAL, you need to create a secondary DNS zone for Domain1

You will need to enable zone transfers for this to work.
Add a DNS forward lookup zone, crossing one to the other, e.g. DOMAIN1 needs to have a stub zone for DOMAIN2, and conversely for DOMAIN2 -> DOMAIN1.

Ignore WINS for now (why bother if the neworks are Windows 2000+ through and through?).

Try setting up the trusts using Active Directory Domains and Trust snap-in again and see where it leads you.


dekroonAuthor Commented:
Thanks, MidnightOne

When I attempt to create a stub zone I get "The zone cannot be created. The request is not supported."
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dekroonAuthor Commented:
I tried it again replicating only amongst DNS servers in the local domain and it worked. Do I want to use the remote DNS server to create a local ist of master servers?
dekroonAuthor Commented:
I still get "cannot continue"
"The New Trust Wizard cannot continue becuase the specified domain cannot be contacted.", etc.
dekroonAuthor Commented:
Yep, ajbritton, that did the trick - secondary copies are on both servers and now the trust works fine.

Thanks a bunch.

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