Delayed response when selecting printer

I have a user who is on our company domain. When he goes to print to the color printer in his office, for example inside of MS excel 2003 he will go to FILE -> PRINT  and then choose the color printer. An hour glass will then appear and start flashing , during this time he can not do anything else. This happens for about 45-60 seconds. Then he clicks print and it does the same thing .  So basicly anytime he accesses the printer it has this delayed response. The other 10 printers work fine.  Other users and other computers do not have this problem.  Any help?

Printer = hp color lj 4600
pc = compaq nx9420 win xp sp2
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You could always try a local print setup on that users pc.
Click start menu -->Printers and Faxes-->Add printer
select local printer and uncheck automatically detect and install my plug n play printer then hit next
then select create a new port then in the drop down select standard tcp/ip port
enter printer name and change print port to PS then select driver for that printer

I have done this on our domain to resolve a crappy network that shows all signs of a good network.
Could it be XP is doing a search for network printers?
In Windows explorer on the machine click on Tools, Folder options, then the view tab.
Uncheck "Automatically search for network folders and printers"

Have you tried to uninstall/reinstall that printer on the user's machine yet?  It sounds simple, but I've seen it work before :)
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pmebacAuthor Commented:
I added the printer as a tcp/ip printer, that has caused it to resume normal function.  However ip printing is against company policy.
How would you normally connect to it?
From a share on a server?
Instead of connecting to \\server_name\printer_name try printing to \\Server_IP\Printer_name

Connecting that way is exactly the same and using the server name, just the machine doesn't have to lookup the IP address. (Which it does with \\server_name)

If you don't know the servers IP try this.
Click on start, then run and type in cmd and hit enter.
then ping server_name


I imagine it is against policy because you sure would not want to do this to each pc but for one computer on the network that is giving you grief this would definetly be the most efficient way to resolve.  Otherwise I would have a new cable run from a differnt port from switch or make your network guys figure out why that one port is crap.
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