command "qres" only works in user logon script not computer startup script WindowsXP/2000

I have a utility called qres.exe that can change the display/ monitor properties using a script.  I have a command that changes the display res/refresh.  This command woks in the user logon script but wont work under computer startup.  Does anyone have any ideas why this might  be ?  

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zoofanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Display settings including screen resolutions are User specific settings, therfore they will not applly until a user logins.  

If you use this with command line switches create a batch command and call the exe

@echo off
call qres.exe -[parameters]

save as qres.bat and place in startup folder for All users

sean-keysAuthor Commented:
I'm trying to use group policy under the computer settings section, but it seems this may not be possible after reading zoofan's comment.  It may have to stay under the user settings section. Unless someone else has any input.
I am not sure what your complete objective with this is or what your starting point is for user profiles but one other option you have is to create a custom "default users" profile.  Any user logging in without an existing profile will have the "default users" profile applied to there account and it will include screen resolution at what ever you set during build up.  This "default users" profile can also be deployed domain wide by putting it in the %systemroot%\sysvol directory aka: NETLOGON share of the dc's.  If more then one DC it should be placed in all.  From that point you could use a gpo to restirct the users from access to display settings and force it.    Again I dont know your whole status as if you have preexisting profiles wiping them out merely to set screen res probably would be a bad idea,  but if your users profiles are all new this may help.

see also a "preconfigured profile"

and also "creating a base user profile"
I am unaware of the caveat of microsoft forceing screen res at the user level instead of the machine level as its just makes more sense to limit this ina hardware profile as the machine has the limits not the user.  IE as a user setting a user can log into a machine that can not support his/her current profile settings but making this machine specific would elminate that.

ahh well, I am sorry you didnt get the answer you'd hoped for as I myself wish it were true.

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