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How can I convert AVI to DVD without sacrificing quality or sound sync????

I have about 8 AVI files each of whioch are around 500mb in size which have been downloaded from a video camera, I am now wanting to put thwm onto DVD's so I can view them as movie discs. I have tried WinMPG to convert them and this hangs at 98% each time. I have tried WinAVI VCD converter to convert them to DVD and still the sound was out of sync from the display. However when I did one of them it only went out of sync later on. When viewed within windows as AVI@s they play perfecty. What is the best procedure to convert and burn them so I can watch tehm all ON individual dvd's without compromising quality etc?

500 points for anyone who can help me watch my films properly
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1 Solution
I haven't had any problems with converting/burning avi files to DVD with these 2 products below,(I have both) the results are good but they are not free.
Cucusoft's Avi-to-DVD

VSO's ConvertXtoDVD

Have you check this Avi to DVD guide? It's supposed to be good according to the comments in a private forum where this tutorial is also posted.
All the software in this tutorial is free from what I read.
Try this one. http://www.trustfm.net/divx/SoftwareAvi2Dvd.html.
I gues this will do your job, plus its free.
Nero does this do you have a dvd burner?
Whats bundled with your dvd bunrer >> Nero >>Roxio?
Most of these will also have the drag and drop method and convert automatically.
Roxio will  do this
Roxio easy media creator
if you have Roxio here is the manual

You do realize to convert to dvd (vobs) it must first convert the avi to mpeg2 format.
If your computer does not have sufficient ram processor guts it may hang thru the various stages or fail.
.Are you using dvdr not dvdrw you cant use dvdrw.
Convert avi to dvd
You'll need the following software for this guide, downlaods included and are free, the extra steps are highlighted links in red.
BeSweet & GUI
VobSub (if you have subtitles)
SubRip (if you want selectable subs on the DVD)
a DVD authoring program (for selectable subs: Maestro or Scenarist, otherwise any program will do).
CCE, CCE Basic, HC, QEnc or TMPG
Convert a DivX or XviD AVI to DVD

As suggested avi2dvd is thereally the best way but you still Nero to burn to dvd. Or roxio. Or one that is with your dvd rom burner.
here's the guide using Nero to burn though
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Lots of useful suggestions already.

There is a wealth of support on this site for conversion www.videohelp.com

The principle isssue will be how your AVI files are constructed. Video and sound are often handled differently as AVI is not a standard just a generic description of a file type.

If your camera has native AVI recording you may be best looking to the manufacturer for details on conversion alternatively you can use a small software utility called GSpot

which will analyze your file and report back on how the video and sound are coded and relate to each other.  It is this difference between how AVI files are constructed that makes the difference on conversion between sound sync throughout, just at the start (and then being out by a few seconds by the end) or not syncing at all.

I would also suggest you try avi2dvd in the first place but always play the resultant files back via your PC before burning to disk.

There are occasions when you simply can't get perfect sync with a large AVI file and in those circumstances you can ususally break the file into smaller chunks so that the error doesn't become noticable and burn them to DVD as individual chapters.

Also don't forget that there is now more likely to be AVI support on standalone DVD players so if your intended viewer already has AVI included as a playback option on their DVD player you just need to burn the file to disk as data.
indierocker86Author Commented:
I have gone for rpgamergirls suggestion of ConvertXtoDVD however I now have two files AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS do I just burn these straight to a dvd now as they are?
indierocker86Author Commented:
There really isn't an easy way to do this at all is there?
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
>>do I just burn these straight to a dvd now as they are?
Yes  - you should be able to play back Video_TS on your PC to check timings before you do though

>>There really isn't an easy way to do this at all is there?
not always ;)
once again depends on what dvd burner in Nero you choose dvd  then DVD video/ then NEW? opens a panel with two folders AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS

open your VIDEO_TS folder on your hdd  copy out all of them>>add the contents only  to the VIDEO_TS folder in the  Nero panel
this will garrantee it auto runs. If you copy the  VIDEO_TS folder over onto the Video_ts it wont work.

then hit burn choose a speed betwen 4 and 8 where possible choose dvd discs with 4 burn speed, dvd burnt at 4 is a better quality.
Once the burn is complete and you see the Succes press exit on Nero wait till the dvd rom ejects then save the ISO or nri file I  believe they are called  give it a name .

ConvertXtoDvd (mine is after you adjust the menu settings to your liking it's kinda one-click operation "Build DVD", after it finishes converting it then asks you to insert blank DVD to the drive(if you didn't do it before hand) and click "Burn" and it burns the converted file(VIDEO_TS folder containing your DVD files (.vob, .bup and .ifo) to DVD,
no more Nero or other programs needed.


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