How to write a route statement

I have two offices joined by a permanent point-to-point T1.  The IP addresses of the vendors routers at either side of the T1 are (Office1) and (Office2).  I have just installed a Cisco ASA 5505 at Office1 (IP and I need to figure out what route statement to enter into the configuration of my Cisco, so that any requests which need to go from Office1to Office2 are directed to  Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am NOT a Cisco guy.  Thanks

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You did explain your network correctly, and I understood it.
The problem is that you cannot use the ASA as thedefault gateway because you will not be able to reach anything on the remote network.
As long as the T1 router has its default route pointing to the ASA then yes, you certainly will be able to get onto the internet when you use it as your default gateway.
The ASA is not a router and will not 'bounce' packets destined for another inside network (your remote) back to another inside host (the router). On the other hand, the router certainly will. That's one if its functions.
Here's connection configuration of T1 back-to-back..

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What default gateway do the PCs in Office 1 have as their default gateway or
To create a static route on the ASA device to route trafffic for to enter the following comand in config mode.

ip route inside 1
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Sorry it's just
route inside 1

no "ip"
On your point-point routers:

Remote site:
 ip route serial 0/0

Main site P2P router
  ip route serial 0/0
  ip route

 route outside
 route inside 1921.68.2.0

There shoud not be any other route statements on any of the 3 devices.

Here's the rub - your main site LAN must use - the P2P router - as the local lan default gateway and NOT THE ASA
dwd4243Author Commented:
I'm not sure if I explained our network setup correctly.  If I use the as the default gateway, we would not be able to get onto the internet.  The router was provided by our telecom vendor, and is used only to connect to the remote office.  In the remote office is the same router, but the IP on that router is  
We use our Cisco ASA 5505 (  as our default gateway to get to the internet.  
dwd4243Author Commented:
Yes, you are correct sir.  I changed our default gateway and it fixed it.  We just had to tell the vendor's router to look back to the ASA.  Thanks!
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