Risks associated with raising the 2003 Forest and Domain level to 2003

I want to create a one way trust between 2 domains that are in seperate forests.  Does the Domain functional level and the Forest functional level need to be Windows Server 2003 to achieve this ?

Each domain has 2003 Domain Controllers, no NT4 servers and no Windows 2000 domain controllers.  The file servers / web servers are either Server 2000 or Server 2003.  

The clients in each domain are Windows 2000 or XP.  
Are there any risks attached to this ?  
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Toni UranjekConsultant/TrainerCommented:

External trust between two domains can be always created, no need to raise domain or forest functional levels.
If you do not have any NT4 or W2K DCs and you don't have any plans to add them to your network, you can safely raise domain and forest functional levels to benefit from improved replication and improved trust features.The only thing is that raising DFL or FFL is irreversible operation.


Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
as Toni says you don't need a specific functional level to create trusts, however iI would always advise raiseing the domain and forest functional level to the highest that can support whatever versions of Windows you are using - so if all of your DCs are Win2003 then use Windows 2003 levels - that way you get the most from the OS that you have paid for.

Note that the limiations on which functional level you can use is depenant only on Domain Controllers, you can still raise the level to Windows 2003 even  if you have a Windows 2000 server - so long as it is not - and never will be, a Domain Controller.
tickleonthetumAuthor Commented:
thanks guys
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