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My Documents Redirection to the Home Directores for Roaming Profile Terminal Server Users

Here is a list of my Server involved
\\Terminal Server    - Terminal Server
\\Nas-01   -  Array Server - Storing Home Directories and Roaming Profiles

I Implemented a new terminal Sever yesterday with some modification to prevent user from storing there files on the Terminal server. By going into AD and specifying in the terminal Services Users Profile
  1.   \\Nas-01\Users\%username%  - for the roaming profiles location.
And then under Terminal Services Home Folder --> Connect  
  2.   H: \\Nas-01\Userdata\&username% - for the Home Directories ( H:\ Drive)
When the user log in I would like to have ALL users My Documents Folder redirected to the H:\Nas-01\Userdata\%username%  without having to go into each users profiles and selecting the properties tab on My Documents and typing in the path is this possible without affecting users that do not have roaming profiles and do not use terminal server.

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You can use a Group Policy Object to enforce Folder Redirection.  When the group policy is applied to a user the My Documents location is automatically updated and their My Documents are automatically moved to the new location.

There are a few options regarding who this will apply to.  You can put users you want it to apply into an Organizational Unit and only apply the GPO to that OU.  Or you could set up some groups and only allow the group policy settings apply to these groups, or alternatively let the Group Policy settings apply to all users but use groups to set who it shouldn't apply to.  I've explained how to use Group Policy permissions to stop a GPO applying to certain groups of users here - http://www.experts-exchange.com/OS/Microsoft_Operating_Systems/Q_22732799.html.
Hi Frnd,
Using group policy, folder redirection, you have option to redirect My document  folder  to users home folder . but as above comment  u have to create  separate OU.

Jtoy68Author Commented:
Guys just wanted to let you know that the GP options was close to what I needed but didn't apply the users in that specified OU also log in locally and I didn't want there local folders being redirected in the process.
Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but where users log in to a PC in the office (this is what you mean by log in locally?) and also have a TS account MyDocuments redirected in both accounts is even more useful.  It means they can get their My Documents on their PC and in their TS session.

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