win2003 login trouble

I had taken a XP Professional machine out of the domain and replaced it with a new machine.
Unfortunately I failed to retrieve a couple of important files the user needs. (I know I should have done a more through copy!)
Now I cannot assces the machine, even when set to access locally. I have it plugged into the netword again, but I cannot gain access without going into the machine for the setup. Is there a workaround for getting past the 2003 ctrl-alt-delete login?
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Toni UranjekConnect With a Mentor Consultant/TrainerCommented:
Go to the following page:
Create bootable CD, boot from this CD and reset password.
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jvalescuAuthor Commented:
I cannot acces XP to make a change. I am totally locked out in the ctrl-alt-delete screen.
IanThConnect With a Mentor Commented:
from my first post

Free Windows password-cracking tools are usually Linux boot disks that have NT file system (NTFS) drivers and software that will read the registry and rewrite the password hashes for any account including the Administrators. This process requires physical access to the console and an available floppy drive but it works like a charm! I've done it myself several times with no glitch or problem whatsoever.

you dont need to now the password
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