How to tweak playback of streamed live TV/video


I am usinng Windows Media Player 9.0 to view online TV online. I have a 256kbps channel DSL connection. Most of the TV channels that I view are broadcasted on 300+kbps usually, so obviously it turns out that my visual experience is ruined, I get still frames every 3-5 seconds and thats not what I call video!! However, the sound stream is continuous.

My question is that I can bear with bad quallity video, so is there some tweak or some program which will allow me to do this tweaking?

I already tried to pplay with the options in WMP, but to no avail. Waiting for an expert advice. Thanks.
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In my opinion  there's nothing you can do to improve transmission speed, when your ISP is providing  you with a maximum of 256kbps -- and that's only a maximum; in times of increased traffic you will  get much less than that.  You can test your actual download speed here: Sites like this usually just allow you to download an image and then gauge your speed.
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Thanks for the post, I know this but wanted to see if somebody has a way around this problem.
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