Unable to Boot into Windows XP - Fresh Install on New HD - Dell Optiplex GX270

A client's Dell Optiplex GX270, Windows XP ,Bios version AO3, on a Domain, recently began to lock up and reboot itself while being used...  Event viewer showed no anomalies, so I decided to try to install SP2. The install failed,
"unable to decompress files", so I rolled it back.  I took the unit home, updated to bios AO7, installed a new Maxtor 320GB ATA drive, and did a fresh install of XP SP2 with no issues... Installed the Dell drivers, and all appeared well last evening...

This morning, I started it up, and cannot get past the initial Windows XP screen that appears. within 10 seconds, the HD light goes off, and the monitor goes dark... Is it possible that I installed the wrong Video or Network drivers ? A Hardware error , perhaps...  

I can intermittently, boot into safe mode, and am able to use BartPE to run utilities...

What should I do next ?


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seems like : heat problem, or power problem.
check the temps with : http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php      
and check the power needed here :
Farhan KaziSystems EngineerCommented:
Did you try "Last Know Good Configuration" mode ?
emoss2000PresidentAuthor Commented:
Yes... LKC works once, now does not!
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Farhan KaziSystems EngineerCommented:
Try booting system into safe mode and then uninstall video card drivers and then try booting into normal mode.
emoss2000PresidentAuthor Commented:
I'm unable to do an uninstall from Safe Mode. As soon as I try to launch "Add/Remove Programs" , the PC reboots.
Try right click My Computer > Properties > Advanced Tab > Click on the Setting under " Startup and Recovery" > Untick the Automatically Restart under System Failure.

Try to see is that any blue screen appear.
I've solved a problem similar to this by inserting the Windows CD and starting the recovery console.  Once in the console, type chkdsk /p.  Do this until no errors appear and try to boot again.  Seems simple, but sometimes the answer is.
Ah I am well familiar with this issue. The problem is not an issue with the HDD I'd be willing to bet. Back in 2005 a lot of GX270's started to fail around the world because of bad capacitors made and sold to a variety of PC manufacturers at the time.

There is a sure way to check for this. Open up the case and look for capacitors on the motherboard (about 1" tall and 1/8" in diameter they look like grain silos) the ones in question have X's on the top of them and they will appear to be bulging or might have orange electrolytes oozing from the top where they have split. This is basically causing power problems on the board and leading to random reboots.

Get the service tag for the Dell machine and call Dell SMB Tech Support 1-800-456-3355. Dell extended the warranty for all GX270 and GX280's that experience this issue, you may be able to get a dell tech to be dispatched to your location and get the Motherboard replaced. If not you may be able to get one shipped to you instead.
To make your life easier, you can Chat Online with Dell Support too (this services only provided in Dell, that is why Dell always my first choice to get the PC from them) :

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