controls in dll or not

I made some input controls in VB.NET. Now I had to make a choice: compile it to a dll or put the controls straight forward in the programm. What is the difference in speed and can you get compatability problems when you make a change and compile it to a dll?
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hatem72Connect With a Mentor Commented:

compiled DLL make ur app easy to trace ... and you can share the DLL in many
app in the same computer ... and make your app smaler and easy to update .
dgbAuthor Commented:
oke, but when you find an error, and want to fix it is there no problem with compatibility. With VB6 you had the problem that if you made a change the compatibility was sometimes broken. The result was that program was not running anymore.
How is speeddifference?
Arthur_WoodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no such thing as 'compatability' with vb.NET.  In fact, you can have several versions of the same DLL on the same box, and the separate programs that use those different versions are totally happy, using their own version of the DLL.  If you need to have only one version, then you can install that version in the GAC (Global Assembly Cache), and then ALL programs can use that single version.

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