marketing suggestions for coaching practice

This is mostly an offline marketing question.

I'm trying to start a coaching practice doing NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) with people to help with habits, addictions, phobias, trauma, overcoming greif, excelling in sports, meeting career goals, etc.

I am having trouble marketing myself. Other people with similar skills as mine have started a thriving practice.

Do you guys have any marketing suggestions?
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Bernard S.CTOCommented:
Hi Bob,
No first-hand experience, just some thoughts and beliefs:
- I think this is highly based on interpersonal links. Therefore, you will need to pre-build some of this link as a part of your sale/ convincing project.
- You might probably write small texts / stories that would help you to initiate this relationship: general comments or advices, simple suggestions for practice, example case studies.
- An additional side-effect of this would be to improve your rankings in search engines, not an an objective per itself (the objective is to sell!), but a favorable situation.
If you want to improve your visibility on search rankings, it may be worth-while including links to other sites of interest. Or how about hacing a blog where you provide good advice on topics? Explain how the swish pattern works and what you can use it for. Have an article on some aspect of hypnotherapy. Have little articles on interesting areas - especially those where people are searching for answers. This way, people will start to come across your site while looking for free ideas and explanations, and if what you say is well written and interesting, and you come across as an authority, you'll get business that way.

It's a bit like word of mouth advertising, but through the internet.
Jason ThompsonSenior UX DesignerCommented:
Good suggestions.  Mine would be in the realm of building referral business.

My wife won't go to any restaurant unless it has been recommended by a friend.

I've been a self-employed internet designer / marketer for over six years, and I've never had someone call me cold for my services.  I have quite a few clients, and all of my business has been by referral.

I'm sure there are some people that would use your services just based on a web site or impression somewhere, but because the services you offer are so personal, I would suspect the core of your business will likely be referrals.

Target number one for marketing yourself is to people you already know...friends, family, former coworkers...people that know you well.  They may not be the ones using your services, but they're most likely to recommend you to their friends or families.

After that, getting articles or interviews in established publications or media venues would be ideal.  It might be worth contacting a PR expert, or reading up on PR techniques for getting your name out there.

Hope this helps.
weikelbobAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys.

weikelbobAuthor Commented:

Do you have NLP training experience?

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