Voices muffled out in 5.1 surround sound.

I bought a home theater system.   Philips HTS3544/37 Home Theater System .      It sounds great by the way but I seem to have a problem.    On the remote there is a button for selecting surround (multi-channel) or stereo sound.  Multi-channel enable has all the speakers working and has that surround effect feeling to it plus the sound effects.  With stereo enabled on the front speakers works only,  and sometimes during a movie the rear speakers will have sound for certain effects.

My problem is that during Multi-channel mode every audio sounds great,  but when the people are talking you cant hear them as clear or its muffled out.  Stereo has the voice audio sound crystal  clear.  Multi-channel has the voices so low or just not there.  Even with volume turned up voice audio still very muffled while other audio is great.

in the manual it says that available output modes for Multi-channel are Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic II.

I played a dvd with Dolby digital 5.1 sound and still the voices are still muffled out.

What is wrong?

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Check the manual for volume controls. You should be able to set different volume levels for each set of speakers. It's been awhile since I played with mine but I believe the center speaker volume should be raised to enable you to hear the voices clearer. I may be wrong, if so play with the different levels until you're satisfied with the results.
speed_mstAuthor Commented:
i found out that the center speaker was dead.  I pluged it into the other output slots and no sound was comming from it.   I just returned the thing to the store and exchanged it for a new one.  Yep it works fine now.
Good to hear you've got it solved.
Also make sure that the audio properties for your pc, are set for the right kind of speakers. In XP, you find the place for setting the speaker type in Audio and sound properties, speakers near bottom of window, and click on Advanced in speaker properties, which should give you the speaker settings where you can select 5.1 surround sound speakers as the type you are using.  Getting the speaker settings correct, can make a big difference!
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