CVS Cervisia setup assistance needed

Doing webdevelopment I decided to use a version control system which would be
Cervisia CVS under Linux. I'd like to take existing project folders as a local repository
(under /srv/www/htdocs) and check them out to working directories but found that
I need step to step instructions how to go on about this.
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ezatonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well... you resolved this one yourself :-)
Is your current CVS working at all? Were you able to check in or out anything so far?
xberryAuthor Commented:
Well I did create a local repository, which should be /srv/www/htdocs
and which went ok so far. Cervisia did create a folder CVSROOT within
srv/www/htdocs, which has lots of configuration files and another folder called Emptydir,
which is ... empty. My problem is that I don't know how to checkout a project
within ~/htdocs now. Lets say I have this projectfolder myproject within
~/htdocs and now I'd like to use CVS to continue work on 'myproject',
how to go about it ? I did read the instructions but hardly understand
the thing about 'checking out a module' what is a module, anyway ?
Is it any project folder in my repository, i.e under ~/htdocs ? or ?
Also, what exactly is the prodecure of checking out ?
When checking out, would the checking out create an exact copy
of any repository project folder, recursively, or would I do have to do this
prior to checking out and is checking out simply telling the CVS
where to find the copy so that it can compare with the repository files
and update copy and tracking changes and so on ?
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xberryAuthor Commented:
Another thing: I would need to check out
files anywhere under /srv/www/htdocs/ too,
because htdocs is the root folder of my local
web server which I need to test the projects I am working on.
xberryAuthor Commented:
Just simply tried something:
Did select my repository srv/www/htdocs
and select the project 'myproject' within htdos as module name and
told cervisia to check it out to /srv/www/htdocs/develop which did exit
with error "Cannot checkout into repository itself" - OK accepted - so
next I delete repository, then create new one as /srv/www/htdocs/projects
(after I copided my source files into there) and then try to checkout to
/srv/www/htdocs/develop which seemed to work but then found that
only the folder 'myproject' was copied into ~/projects/ and Cervisia
did put another folder 'CVS' into 'myprojects' which contains the files 'Entries',
'Repository' and 'Root'. Where are my files then ? and the ohter subdirectories within
'myproject' ?
xberryAuthor Commented:
Also, when doing the checkout, I did checkmark the
option "Recursive checkout"
xberryAuthor Commented:
Seems now to work, actually I found out where my mistake was:
The repository files had to actually to be under the CVSROOT folder,
which they weren't before. My mistake was to believe that repository
is the folder where the CVSROOT folder is resident and all files
parallel to the CVSROOT folder could be checked out, which they couldn't,
so I simply did an import to repository and gave a module name which
did create a folder within the CVSROOT, with all source files which I then
could check out to working directory recursively.
xberryAuthor Commented:
Only wonder what to do now - pity to delete all my own comments
when I apply for deletion - could actually help somebody else
if stored in PAQ section - other hand, no rule to accept own solutions
which is a pity, since it often happens that I start to think properly
only by posting a question here (maybe the expert athmosphere ; ))

Other hand nothing to loose if I accept one of your comments, even if
it is a bit funny, ...  
Life is funny, but you have to make your own decision - I can't make it for you.

You can think of my answer as a catalyst for your own thinking process :-)
xberryAuthor Commented:
>> You can think of my answer as a catalyst for your own thinking process :-)

Uhh, learnt something about the grades:

A = Answer
B = Backup
C = Catalyst

Now I only have to work out, which one of your answers to take as a catalyst,
I think I know how to do this, since in my knowledge life works out as
sort of ' reversed engeneering' ... ; )

Also, reminds me of the famous greek truthteller, the Pythia from the Oracle of Delphi,
who once did wonder why all people come to her to find out about answers to their lives,
so she commented "if people would really start to think they would find answers to their lives all
by themselves" (or similiar)

Probably, just in Greek... :-)

Thanks for the points.
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