HP Proliant ML150 G3, Processor upgrade with non HP intel processors

Hi I am currently running 2 x Intel Xeon 5120 Dual core processors which were supplied with the system and am considering upgrading to 2x Intel Xeon Quad core E5320 processors. I have confirmed that the board I have is capable of accepting the upgrade but the cost of the upgrade kit from HP is more than I am willing to pay. I have sourced the Quad cores (Intel) from a non HP supplier and was hoping that you might advise me if there is any reason for the massive difference (AUD$2000) Is there a new VRM neededfor the upgrade? I cannot find any reference to it in the kit description on the HP website.
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> Is there a new VRM neededfor the upgrade?
Depends on the mainboard.
I was doing such upgrade on intel's S5000*, and just had to upgrade bios to newest one.
Recently we had  a plan to add 2 Xeon processors to our server to fill up all the sockets.

Then we called HP and they told us an unbelievable high price for the CPUs! But quite cheap VRMs :)

But because we were working for a company, which had many strict policies, we couldnt buy CPUs  and VRM from other sources.

But i can tell you that there's no different between HP provided CPUs and other CPUs.

VRM? That's depend, as ravenpl said.

gazaatworkAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the information. I have checked and can just update the bios to a different version to include a new processor code and then install the new processors. The price difference in processors is ridiculous HP AUD$1695 per processor kit  Intel AUD$350 per processor kit. Both kits are active cooling including fans and heatsinks. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
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