How do i add a radio button list to my VB.NET form and bind it?


I've just started creating a application.
In my form, i've got are area where the user has to enter whether the payment will be made in cash or check. I'll need to provide grouped option buttons for this.

I'd like to know how i can bind this to my database. Ideally, i'd have one field in my database called PaymentMethod, for eg. how do i go about binding this on my form? I've read that radiobuttonlist is probably the best method for doing this. However, the radiobuttonlist control is only available in the "Web Forms" tab, and the control is disabled, not allowing me to add it to my Windows form.

Any thoughts?
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SanclerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not exactly what you want, but this might give you some pointers

Bob LearnedCommented:
There isn't a RadioButtonList control for WinForms applications.  You would have to roll your own.  You could just use single RadioButton controls in a GroupBox to get the same effect.

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