MSA1000 Array Expansion

I wish to expand a array on a MSA1000 AN which is attached to a Windows 2003 File Cluster, the steps I believe I need to go through are as follows:-

- In ACU set expand priority as High
- Backup all data
- Power off passive node
- Take entire group offline in cluster administrator apart from the physical disk resource I am expanding
- Using the ACU epand the arry with avialable unassigned drive
- Using the ACU extend the logical drive
- In Windows 2003 disk administrator should see free space at end of drive
- Run diskpart to extend the drive into the free space
- Bring resources online
- Verify data ok
- Power on passive node and test failover

The problem I have is HP's documentation says this can take 15mins per GB, wih the amount of data on the array this could take over 73 hours and that is downtime we can't eall afford.

Does anyone have any ideas if this can be accomplished without taking the cluster resources offline so our critical 24x7 users on the weekend can contiue working (health service).

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The controller is designed to retain parity and user performance during the rebuild, you can even lose a disk while it is doing it and replace the failed one without loss of data. That's why it is so slow. The 4GB per hour expansion can take place online with both nodes online. I would leave expand priority low and allow a week for expansion with all users working normally.

It is only the diskpart bit that has to be done off-line with certain precautions as per which by the look of it you've already read.

The 15 minutes per GB is for shuffling the current data about, not for the increased capacity so if you have a 5 *72GB array and add 2 * 72GB disks to it the nominal sum is 5*72/4 hours.
Forced accept.

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