Exchange 2003 SMTP out of memory error

Problem with Exchange 2003 cluster backend SMTP resource.

I have front end and backend cluster exchange 2003. Every 4 or 5 hours the backend stops taking mails from front end and the queqe keeps on increasing on front end. When i telnet the backend server from front end server during the problem i get connected and when i issue mail from command i get 4.x error and out of memory and get's disconnected straight away with out any option. The only way i can get away with this problem is to take the SMTP resource offline and get it back online and when taking it offline the  resouce doesnt go offline but goes with fail that means resource failure and then i get it back online again it works fine for 5 hours and the problem comes back again
I checked the MS KB which says to check the Vsi folder permission for system account and clarifeid it the permissions are in its place on the folder and sub folders still there is problem with it.

Can some throw some light on which could cause the problem?
Exchange 2003 SP2 enterprise with all patches clustered backend
Windows 2003 SP2 with all patches enterprise edition backend
Exchange 2003 SP2 enterprise and all patches windows 2003 enterprise all patches on front end


Mohammad Anwaruddin
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Stacy SpearPresident/Principal ConsultantCommented:
Have you ran the Best Practices Analyzer? This sounds like a permission issue, and it can check those.

When the cluster is running on another box does it do this? What type of cluster is it?
Mohd-AnwaruddinAuthor Commented:
Well yea i did run MBSA and i did not see any issue with permission. Secondly it's active passive cluster and even if i fail over to other the problem still remains in place.

Mohd-AnwaruddinAuthor Commented:
Guys i guess it was the problem with my disclaimer software which was the culprit any way thanks
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