recommended video software?


I am putting up sales letters on the internet for products and want to incorporate screen capture video (i have camtasia) and also video from a camcorder.

I want to put  video in the middle of text like at this site - - I want to know how to easily insert video on a sales page wherever I want (I haven't a clue) and also produce a background effect similar to the video on there - i have heard U lead video editing software is good and easy to use?

I can't stand the tech side of things, so if you have any software that you recommend that is better I'd appreciate it.

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Hey hey Hay, hay1dens,
Why do I have this vision of you standing like some Willy Loman character in despair on a foggy bridge somewhere? (Death of a Salesman --geddit? -- you're in sales right?) -- well anyway, you really have taken on quite a bit here.  
Firstly the effect you are looking for in superimposing a background is called Chroma Key -- so you look for software that can produce the chroma key effect. The guy in the first YouTube video that Merete linked to says (if you listen carefully) he's using 'Discrete Combustion', which is now called Autodesk Combustion and costs around $999USD.  But don't head for that bridge just yet! The software that you mentioned "Ulead" actually has chroma key in its "Edit/Overlay" section -- That's the latest version Ulead Video Studio 11 Plus. Yes, its easy to use with a basic understanding of video editing.
Then to the bit about putting your video in the middle of your 'text'.
Firstly you have to know how to build a webpage in a web editor. To get the video in the middle you just drop in the code, like some of the code that Evathios linked to, which is for a Flash player. You don't have to use Flash though. Flash is a little more complicated than say, embedding Windows Media Player and using Windows Media like wmv files (which Ulead can finish in). Flash is the flavour of the month because YouTube chose it, and their reason is that just about everyone has the Flash player somewhere on their PC (and maybe they didn't want to pay the MPEG or Windows licences).
But when you think about all those videos that your friends email you, you'll notice that they're all either mpeg or wmv. So you don't really have to use flash -- as Windows Media and Quicktime are readily playable also. Just to clarify: even though you 'embed' a player your audience still has to have that player on their local PC or Mac -- and that includes flash.
Then you have to learn about uploading and FTPs etc.
My advice to you is to firstly try to build a simple web page using a web editor and stick it up on your site with a test video (we can help here). You can mess with your own video later on.
 I actually use a very, very early version of Namo. It used to be so simple (I'm talking about V2.03, which has worked from Windows 3:1 right up to XP)
Here's the latest Namo:
Lastly don't forget that od' Eric Holmlund (your link) in his sales video is shot in a studio using professional lighting -- but still the schmucks didn't get the audio right.  

This WebSite Will Help You With A lil Work In Frontpage or any Html programming
Are you working with flash or a media player?
here's a starting point for you

that site uses adobe flash player
Flash is better this site i using the same flash player
How to put video on your web site
Convert video to FLV format step by step

Embedding Windows Media and QuickTime Video on a Web Page
check out youtube since thats kind of what your doing
How to embed Windows Media Player in Powerpoint
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hay1densAuthor Commented:
Well I've located a program called cyberlink powerdirector that automatically uploads to youtube, but I don't know how to create the graphic effects as the video on this site - - I mean, can you buy these animated video backgrounds and how do you crop out the background so only the animation and me talking are on the video?

Would a package like powedirector and all the rest of these programs have the functionality to be able to import a graphical background, nd then to allow you to place only the image of you talking over that background video graphic?

thanks for your help
Hi, I provided a url to youtube that actually shows how they did it and what programs they used.
Here it is again
If you really don't like the tech side.... ULead is a pretty good product

I always recommend Avid Liquid though... it's a very powerful medium with tons of options... but is simply enough for the family to edit video
Free Trial

But yeah, nowdays the video editing softwares are so easy and powerful you can't really go wrong
-SwankMedia :D
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