Flash caching

I am using <object> <embed> in my html and that object hold an swf inside it. the swf file is based on txt file that pass some variables to the swf file.
when i fill in the txt file with the proper variables and flash run properly for the first time, if i want to change the variables values in txt file and rerun the flash it still run the first flash and not the new one.
Please any help will be appreciated.
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Try adding a random number to the end of the txt file name when loading it in flash. Something like:


This forces the browser to think its downloading a new file as it has a different file name.
RamyBouchraAuthor Commented:
Dear Sir
thank you for your reply
but i want to tell you that this object only read this file FlahVar.txt, it is stastic for the object we cant change it, so please advise me what to do.

thank you
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