Print Multiple Web Pages at once - so clients/employees can write comments on paper

We are slowly moving toward web standards and css/box model and away from just tables to layout web pages.  We have about 100 pages that run off a screen css and a print css.  Most of our clients /employees are on IE6.0.  

Our clients/employees like to print out the web page - make their edits and comments on paper.  They hand these printed pages with comments to me to update the web sites.

How can we print hard copies of our pages for our clients to "markup, edit, write on, etc."  ....
-Without all the pages flipping into landscape mode.
-without using print.css to cut off a lot of design elements.
-without using Screen Capture software that has to be captured and printed one page at a time (since we've got 100's of pages)

We have a print css but it cuts off graphically menus in two places and really doesn't show the actual page exactly like it is on the screen.  

We've thought of asking our clients to use software like Techsmith's SnagIt - but then they'd have to capture and print each page individually.

Have any of you faced this issue?  Any idaeas on how to work around it?

I see tons and tons of sites that look very different when printed - so it must be a common problem.

Hope I've explained this clearly.

Many many thanks, April
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VirusMinusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes it is common. and the bottom line is there are too many variables in printing for a web page to print out exactly like it is on screen.

We have the same thing happen at my company, and we've rolled out snagit to all staff. they capture one page at a time, (scrolling web page capture) and print it out.

thats the only sure shot way of printing the web page as it looks on screen as its equivalent to printing an image.
create a "print for feedback" button on your page that calls a javascript function.  That function removes the print.css from your styles, executes the print (use "window.print()") and re-adds the print.css
dave4dl, using the same stylesheet for print and screen will still not guarantee that the web page will print out exact.

browser defaults, printer settings, paper sizes, colors.. are just few of the variables that cause this.
true but it will come closer than using the print specific settings (it sounds like)
aprillougheedAuthor Commented:
Ya know - it's so nice to know I'm not the only one.

I design out of my home and ee is my only link to other developers.  I've wracked my brain for a week - thinking I must be missing something.

I'm have troubles as the "reviewers" are all using ie6 and I'm using ie7.  IE7 makes it a lot easier as it uses a "shrink to fit" option so the pages don't flip over into landscape.

Plus - they've decided to add a left hand vertical menu to a site that was designed for a horizontal top menu.  I can't squeeze in a left hand menu without changing the size of all the images (and of course they don't want to pay for that.)

Now - if I can just figure out how to explain this simply to non-coders.  :)

Thanks for all your help.  April
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