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I just wanted some clarification on RSGs in Exchange 2007.  I am building a CCR Exchange 2007 cluster to host my companys mailboxes, consolidating many sites into one.  I also have a separate mailbox server for public folders and mailboxes.

I was planning to have a recovery storage group ready from the first day and was wondering if I needed one or two RSGs?  I was planning to host one RSG on the mailbox/public folder server with enough disk space to host mailboxes if my CCR cluster blew up and I had to recover from backup.  This would be ideal for due to storage requirements for an RSG on a CCR cluster would be double (disk space presented to both nodes)

Is my approach acceptable practice??

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ATIGConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The concept of Admin Groups and RG goes away with 2007--

No the RSG does not have to be on the same server as the mbx -

You cannot restore PF with RSG -

If you host a PF on the CCR then you should not have another PF replica or you will have problems
Typically you plan for space related to RSG you dont typically keep one setup just sitting there.

If you setup a CCR you already have 2 copies of your DB's 1 active and 1 passive

The RSG will be used when you need to restore from tape to recover some data.

some deployments have servers for just recovery.

I would plan for the space you would need to do a restore but not have anything configured. Again RSG is just a temp recover place if you have a disater then you have redundancy in the DB or you will restore direct to the db.

I would like to understand your thinking behind setting up an RSG and just sitting it there?
patelbg2001Author Commented:
Well it would be useful to have one ready... test snap shots backup / restores etc...   MS says that an RSG does not have to be on the same server as the mailboxes as long as it is in the same admin site.  IS it correct that as along as my PF server is in the same site as the CCR cluster??
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