how do you add non-domain user accounts to SQL2005 Standard ?

Is there any way to add a user from another server (ie an ASP.NET user account) to SQL 2005 without both servers being on a domain?
Basically, we have standalone webservers that are in a workgroup (no PDC), but SQL2005 never lists any machines but their own (to pick windows accounts).

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iCoreKCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is not a way to add a user from another computer's local accounts in the way that you described.  

Remember that a Domain is a Security boundary.  Each Domain will have its own accounts database and unless a trust is set up, that Domain is restricted to its own accounts and cannot even see other accounts.

David ToddSenior DBACommented:

Create a login as a SQL login, and specify the username and password.

try to connect from sqlserver to the webserver by ipaddress but with sql authentication. i am assuming that the webservers and sql server is on the workgroup.

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