Help on handling explorer.exe error message that comes up every couple seconds

I am getting the below message several times a minute:

explorer.exe - application error

The instruction at '0x656e6f73" referenced memory at "0x65e6f73".  The memory could not be "read"

Click ok to terminat the program
Click cancel to debug the program

Microsoft Visual C++ displays
unhandled exception in explorer.exe 0xc0000005 access violation.

The above error message pops up so frequently that I can not get anything done on my machine.  Often the machine just hangs up, and I have to go and kill the Microsofty visual c++ application that pops up with the error message.

This error appeared all of a sudden one day after trying to make an online reservation on the web.  I did not download anything on that day.

By the way I did not start explorer.exe, and the error comes up eventhough in the task manager, it does not show as one of the applications running.

OS Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition Service Pack 1

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Yes, Please run Hijackthis and show us the logfile, we can then check if there are suspicious entries present.
Some nasties can also hide from the hijackthis scan, so if the logfile is clean that doesn't mean that the system is clean.
Can you run Hijackthis and show us the log please?
Open Hijackthis, click "Do a system scan and save a logfile" please don't fix anything yet.
swansonplaceAuthor Commented:
I scanned on the above error, and there is an sp 2 that microsoft says needs to be installed. I have downloaded the information, but the install is not complete.  Should I run hijackthis first, and post the log before running the sp 2 for windows 2000 OS family.

The download automatically has an install, but it ran out of disk space.  Let me know if I should run hijackthis first before proceeding with making more space on my harddrive, then run scandisk then install sp 2.

You should also check out Autoruns.  It's a free program available from microsoft that is similar to Hijack This, but more in depth.  You can download it here:

I would run that and post the log for that as well.  That program will take a look at all programs, drivers, BHO's, etc. etc. that start with windows.  These include IE addons which may affect explorer and cause error messages through windows.  The Explorer.exe is started by windows and is the shell that you use to interact with the system, so it's a core component of windows.
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