Need to insert null into date field

I am using MySql 5 and Coldfusion 8 to insert some dates into a table.  I want to be able to insert a null value into a date field if that is possible. Basically, if the field is blank, do not insert anything to the date field.  When I try to insert nothing into the field I get the following error...

Data truncation: Incorrect date value: '' for column 'my_date_field' at row 1

Is there anyway to do this?
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if you use the word NULL in your string ie

insert into yourTable (yourDate, yourOtherField) values (NULL, "ASDF")

then the date field would be null otherwise if you put a normal date in then it should work,

I'm not sure what code that you are using - additionally, your table needs to have allow nulls for this field on this table.
There was a topic on this just a few days ago, check it out:

Simply test your field and then use NULL if it does not hold a date.

<cfset form.theDate = "">

 insert into your Table (dateField)
 values (
   <cfif isDate(form.dateField)>#createODBCdate(form.dateField)#<cfelse>NULL</cfif>

 or if you prefer the cfquerparam method..

 insert into your Table (dateField)
 values (
   <cfqueryparam cfsqltype="CF_SQL_DATE" value="#form.theDate#" <cfif NOT IsDate(form.theDate)>NULL="true"</cfif> >

MFredinAuthor Commented:
Oh IC.  I was using ' ' around NULL ('NULL').  When I removed them it worked.

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