Backup Wireless setting on XP manually

Hi all

I have around 10 wireless network connection configured on my laptop and I would want them to manually copy my entire Wireless network setting for the backup purpose

Is their any way I can copy manually, any XML files or any tools for that?

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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Withing windows you can export much of the information but I am not certain if you can export all such as passwords, using the netsh command.
To save the existing configuration, at a command line (DOS windows) enter:
netsh dump > C:\Temp\Saved.nsh
To import the file for restoration purposes or transfer to another PC:
netsh -f > C:\Temp\Saved.nsh
More details regarding NetSH:

To elaborate on IanTh's comment. You can use a 3rd party tool to manage your network connections. This includes much more information than just network configurations. It can also include drive mappings, workgroup memberships, and printers. Within these applications you can save the configuration. He mentioned NetSwitcher, and there are several others:

I am in the same issue trying to migrate my Wireless LAN Settings to a new system.  I investigated using NETSH, though XP only has the option for a WIRED LAN.   The NETSH command under Vista has a separate WLAN setting.  This would be a nice update for XP in SP3.  
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