How to know MS07-040 is installed

I am systme admin for WSUS, I have 3000 pcs that I manage acorss multiple wsus servers.

My problem is with MS07-040 and 180 pcs,  WSUS says patche installed on those machiens,
Widnowsupdate.log , shows the patch is installed OK as well.

Looking at C:/windows    I cannot find entries   for ms07-040 at all
Cannot find it on Add/ Remove programs either.

They way I scan for MS07-040 and other patches is via  Mcafee ePO  or SCP, which has a pre defined rule.

These machines are of WinXP and W2K

I guess my question is where can i find out for sure if this patch was really installed or not ?

Thank you
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yes when its listed unter the key uninstall...its installed
Normally its only installed what is needed on a specified pc!
Here's a list where u can show

To make sure start windows update on this pc and look if there a listed other updates where
apply to ms07-040.

Logfile...dont know. Seems so that no logfile is created!


Look if there's listed the KB Number k931212 <-- MS07-040

This can u make via script too!
mulhammAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply
so if it does appear in the reg , does that mean it is installed ?
why it is not creating a log file for it like all other patches ?  
I actually found KB928365  which is part of ms07-040  as the key.  does this means it just installed the component needed only?

Michael PfisterCommented:
You can use QFECheck to verify the installation of a hotfix:
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