MS cluster permission for users other than administrators

I have two Windows Server 2003 Ent. servers running the Microsoft cluster service. There is a SQL Server 2005, which is used by a Right Fax server, in this system. After I granted the Operator account with full control on the cluster node, I still got 'access denied' when Operator tried to open the cluster from Cluster Administrator. The Operator is a domain user account who has Power User and Backup Operator right locally.

I have no problem for assigning this permission for other two cluster pairs in my network. But that two pairs do not have SQL Server running.

Is there anything I missed?

Thank you very much.
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Power users and BO operators will not have enough access to administer a cluster through Cluster Admin.  You are going to have to bump them up to a full admin.

Remember, when you are opening CA you are using an applet that requires full administrative rights. CA does not support segmenting of modules within the CA application to lower rights than admin.
I forgot to relate this to SQL.  CA will mesh with SQL when opened as it there are certain configs that are controlled in SQL by Cluster Admin.
denilson1Author Commented:
But why I can let the Operator account to view and move group in the other two cluster pairs (Of coz. I granted Full Control for the additional account to the cluster)? Is the problem only come from the SQL Server?

Is it possible to grant some SQL Server right to the Operator account in order to complete this task?
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