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Blackberry Manager Exchange User Selection Problem


We are trying to get Blackberry working with HMC 3.5, and have followed all the instructions given by Blackberry and by various blogs written by other people interfacing Blackberry, Exchange and Version 3.5 of the Microsoft Provisioning System. I have had all my settings checked independently.

Our problem is strange behaviour  when you attempt to add a user to Blackberry in Blackberry Manager, in a session logged in as the BESAdmin account. The "Select Mailbox" dialog box appears to blank out all the HMC users, only showing BESAdmin (as also the Domain Admin user who also has a mailbox), and as such the user cannot be selected. If you try and force a selection, you get a RunTime error and BlackBerry Manager terminates.

An image as to what this dialog box looks like with the blanked out users can be viewed at the following URL:-


If you do an OWA Session with the BEAdmin user, you can select any user from the Address List to send an Email to.

If you log-in as the Domain Admin and run Blackberry Manager - the user selection behaves normally, you can select a user, initialise the Blackberry device etc. That user can send Email from the Blackberry device but cannot receive, and that user always shows a statsus of "No Desktop Connection" in Blackberry Manager (whether you log in as the Domain Admin or the BESAdmin).

We believe all this is related. As I said, we have checkedall the specific Blackberry settings for HMC and Blackberry, but still cannot get past this point.

Does anybody have any idea on how to resolve this????
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The BESAdmin user is really only for allowing the BES to look in the user's mailbox. When you add users or change settings, you should really be logged in as any normal domain admin account, not BESAdmin. You mentioned that you were able to select the user correctly when logged in as a normal domain admin, but the users were unable to receive email. How did you activate the device? Wirelessly or using the desktop client? Are the permissions set correctly on the mailbox store for the BESAdmin user? It sounds like they can't receive email because the BESAdmin user doesn't have permission to enter their mailbox and look for new messages. Do new calendar or contact items show up on the device if added in outlook or owa?

On my BES, the BESAdmin user as "allow" permissions for all but "full control" and "take ownership" at the server level (just under "servers" in system manager)
jerry99_ukAuthor Commented:
We have now managed to resolve this. It was a permissions issue, but in AD (we had already applied the other permissions you mentioned as per the instructions we already had). The specific instructions for Blackberry and HMC direct you to give BESAdmin Read permissions over the Hosting Container. I had done this, but these Read permissions need to be inherited by the child objects (reseller and customer OUs and their users), which is not the default. So I had only applied the permissions to the top level. container Once I had set the inheritance down the tree, then the Select Mailbox problem went away, users who activated now showed as "Running" rathe than "No Desktop Connection" and Email now flowed to the Blackberry Device.
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