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Ipod not detected


Itunes cannot detect Ipod after the ipod was dropped to the floor and sometimes when itunes tryed to access the ipod windows showed up the error "Delayed Write Failed"  (after i formated the hdd with windows no errors showed up) so i guess is a hdd failure but the ipod works, shows the menu, and i can get into configuration menu, also from windows i can see both partitions, but i cannot format the 2nd partition (format process stops) but i can do a quick format, if i try to scan the hdd for errors, scan process will stop on the 2nd estage, i made some testing and here are the results.

SMART Data test
Retracts: 3
Reallocs: 94
Pending sectors: 47

Is my hdd broken? can i restore my ipod without itunes (ipod updater always asks for itunes 7)? I know a bit of electronics so is it right to change the hdd by myself, (i red some tutorials and it looks easy)? which hdd can i use (i did only found fujitsu ones)?

Thanks in advance.
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1 Solution
For the first part of your question?
Did you format the IPod as FAT32?
If you didn't the Itunes won't see the disk
Update ITunes, and try to restore your IPod from it, if the IPod is recongnized uncheck the use the IPod as a Hard Disk and try again.
As for changing the HD yourself it's possible but try to find the exact brand/model that the IPod has now, I have send to repair a 4º generation 20 GB IPod, the HD is Toshiba, and also I've read that the 80 GB is also a Toshiba.
From the person who perform the HD change I've learned that it's a little bit tricky, you have to be very careful with the screws & the grounding, also with the data ribon. But it can be done
Some suppliers of IPod spares, the last one is in UK
Also as for my knowledge you can upgrade your IPod to 60 GB NOT to 80 GB as the logic inside the HD has changed. I got this frm the LINUX IPod page.
administradoresAuthor Commented:
Definetly i know the ipod hdd is broken.

Itunes detects the ipod now, i formated it with FAT32 in hdd mode and then i restored but when ipod finished the restore itunes always asks for a new restore because there is a failure.

Thanks for the links.

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