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I have a Dell Dimension 9150 (DXP051), running Vista Ultimate 64-bit, 4gb RAM.

Phoenix ROM Biox Plus Version 1.10 A07

The current processor is a Pentium D 3.40 GHz, and I am looking at upgrade options. Will it be possible to swap it over for say a QX6800. I understand the socket is the same, but I am wondering whether the motherboard and bios will support it.

Grateful for any assistance.
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Sparkmaker is correct the motherboard is a Dell proprietary version of BTX. I have read forums where a motherboard from a 9200 or XPS410 will fit with little modification, and those boards support the core 2 duo, the E6700 is the fastest Dell ships on them so the QX6800 may not work. Dell only ships the qx6800 on their 7xx series XPS's. f you want i can try and locate that article again(kicking myself that i didn't bookmark it when i found it the first time).
The 9150 doesn't support the core 2 duo's or the core 2 quads. You can upgrade to a Pentium D 960 or 965 but you'll only see a very small performance increase.
GillianBeaumontLegalAuthor Commented:
Pardon my ignorance, but what is that prevents the upgrade. Is it the motherboard (in which case to get the extra performance of a core 2 quad is a M/B upgrade required.

Thank you for your help.
The motherboard would need to be changed in order to upgrade to a quad core but that isn't all. The motherboard in a Dell 9150 isn't an industry standard size or shape, so an upgrade to a retail motherboard may not be possible in that case.
The other issue would be that Dell has an OEM version of  Vista installed on your computer which would keep you from changing the motherboard. It won't install on a retail motherboard, only a Dell 9150 motherboard  as the OEM Vista is tied to the OEM motherboard.
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