Can't access "Program Files" across network

I have two PC's running Windows XP home connecting to a router. On one of the PC's I have created a mapping to the other one to share an application. The trouble is I can't access the "Program Files" folder, I get the Access denied message. One PC is running SP1 & the other SP2. From the PC running SP2 I can access anything on the other PC but can't seem to access anything the other way round, any ideas?
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This web page may be of help:
How share program Files folder on LAN?
Check to see if ones using Simple File Sharing and the other isn't

Open Windows Explorer
Click Tools
Click Folder Options
Click View
Scroll Down and check/uncheck "Use simple file sharing (Recommended)
Click Apply - OK

Is this just a rights issue,  Do you log onto the machines using different user names and If so have you given permission for the second user name to access the folder on the first PC?

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