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Slow Opening Files When Connected to Network

If I'm NOT connected to a network and double-click on a file the assoicated
application quickly opens and the file is loaded and opened.

When I am connected to a network (CAT5 or Wireless) and I double-click a
file it can take more than 60 seconds for the assoicated application and file
to open (these are very small files). It appears that after clicking on the
file, the system searches for the application on the network then finally
finds it on the c: drive.  

What's wrong? How can I reconfigure Win XP to stop searching on the network?

Note: I use two other Win XP systems that do not have this problem. I'm
thinking this might be configuration problem.

1 Solution
Does this machine have any mapped drives ???

Have you got a firewall running? Turn it off, maybe that is causing the problem.
Also try to set a manual DNS server.

Or maybe this is a solution for your problem:
I guess you have some virus on your system. Some virus modifies the association of files and they gets launched when you double click the file.

My suggestion: Update your antivirus, and run a system scan.

To confirm, that its virus...you can do one thing you can download a utility called process explorer


run this programs, then double click on the document which usually takes longer time to open and immediately switch to it...you will be able to see which application got launched for this....

new process launched are shown in green for around 1-2 seconds..

say for example you double click on a word file...then immediately switch to it...see if winword.exe was launched and who is parent process is....for all application you start by double clicking, the parent process should be explorer.exe
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If you have mapped drives, delete them and then try, especially ones that are disconnected.
I'm guessing that you're opening microsoft documents.

If you have shared printers using UNC connections ie \\blabla\printer configure the networked printer to an IP address instead of UNC path.

Then once the document is opened, change the default printer to the one configured with the IP address, save. The next time you open that document you'll be ok.

fshaw818Author Commented:
I think this is the place to respond. I hope so.

I have had mapped drives but they have been removed.
My virus protection is up to date (Symantec)
I tried with and without firewall. No difference.
It appears to be similar to the slow right-click menu. I've read the referenced web site, but need help knowing what to look for in the registry.
The problems happens with all file types (txt, zip, etc.) not just Microsoft.
You might want to get a trojan scanner of sort, antivirus normally won't do a sufficient job.

Forget about the registry first. Download a trial copy of System Mechanic and run a full scan repair first then see if that fixes your problem.

System Mechanic Link, do a deep analysis and repair:

fshaw818Author Commented:
This question can be closed. I appreciate everyone's effort to answer my question. However, the problem was only resolved by rebuilding the operating system.
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