Citrix farm printer not holding

have a ctirix presentation server 4.0 farm and have a printing policy setup.  I have users with roaming profiles and the default printer is not saving to the profile so when i log in with a published application im getting a different printer every time due to me logging on to different servers in the farm.  I have applied the policy to a group of users.  Under the policy printers are set to auto create and printing properties i have tried both hold in profile and held in profile if not saved in client. My printing policy is the only one.  I have installed Hotfix PSE400R02W2K3028 - For Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 for Windows Server 2003

im still having users that dont hold their default printer
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I was having the same problem, I have talked directly with Citrix and found out that this problem is actually BY DESIGN. Session printers are created and broken down per session so there is nothing to save in the profile. The way I have gotten around this issue is by using the "set this printer as a default printer" option under the printers in the policie setting. The way that I use policies to create the correct default printers is by following a very tedious and crazy way of using Citrix policies.

1) create an AD group for each printer in your Citrix environment
2) create an AD  group for each group of printers that users may need, this requires a little planning and communication with the end-users.
3) set up a Citrix policy for each of your printers, add each printer to their respective policy and choose that printer as the default for that policy.
4)Apply the policies you just created to each of their respective AD groups for each of your respective  printers.
5) set up Citrix policies for each of your group of printers, assign the second set of AD groups to their respective policies, assign the printers that you would like to be grouped together.

The Default Printer policies (the ones for each individual printer) MUST be a higher priority (closer to the top) and the groups of printers policies must be a lower priority. The reason this is important is because Citrix applies policies from the bottom up, if you set your default printer policies lower than your groups then your defaults will be overwritten by the groups policies.

I use this set up in my current environment. Citrix was actually wondering if I would be able to run with this many policies, and I can with no noticable slowdown. I currently have over 250 Citrix policies with 125 default printer policies and 100 group printer policies. This is only 10% of my environment. I am currently working my way towards over 2300 policies within Citrix.

Also, talking with Citrix about this they were unable to tell me that this will be changed in 4.5.

Another option is a registry hack that can be done on EACH of your citrix server. The problem with this is that when a user logs into a server they must set their default printer, when that same user logs into another server they will need to set up their default printer until they set up their default printer on each server. If the user changes their default printer they will need to change it on every citrix server. To get the registry hack go to:
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