backup solution for small SBS 2000 server

I am helping out a family violence prevention shelter right now. They currently have a Small Business 2000 server that handles, Exchange, web server and some documents. Whomever set it up a while back obviously did not have a plan to back it up and we are concerned that this. I am looking for the best (and cheapest) way to back it up daily or at least a couple of times a week. I was thinking of buying a tape drive (there are about 80 gb of data that needs backed up) and having them rotate the tapes, but also the idea of an external hdd came up as possibly cheaper and easier. What type of hardware/software combination would you recommend to get them backed up so that if there is a problem, everything can be restored very quickly and painlessly? Cost is a factor for them since they are a NPO. Thanks for all suggestions!
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Hedley PhillipsConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
Buy two Western Digital My Books and set up a batch file to run full backups using NTBACKUP.

They can then swap these USB drives over every day and the backup will run every night hands free.

Since the drives are only about £70 each, not too big a hit for a charity.
rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's probably cheaper and also better in case of hardware problems to buy a USB or Firewire Case (or if possible, one with eSATA, if your Server has an eSATA output), and then just buy a couple of Disks to use inside those cases. Generally finished products like the above mentioned are a bit problematic if they break. Single disks are usually also a lot cheaper to buy.

Also, eSATA is the most stable of such hardware, while USB is often problematic.

Something like the following would be perfect, but they also have good docks for USB and firewire Connections.
lanehartAuthor Commented:

I have heard of this idea before, too. I think that it might be just as cheap (as well as RINDI's solution), but I visited the link provided and it is for using NTBACKUP on server 2003...this server is 2000. Are there other instructions for 2000 or does NTBACKUP even work on 2000? Thanks!
ntbackup is included on 2k server, but it may not be as feature rich as on 2k3 server. I'm not sure if it can backup system states and exchange properly. You'd have to test that. If it can't backup those things, I'd use something like Acronis Trueimage which is simple to setup and use, and not as expensive as other BU software.

Another option would be to use robocopy (there is a GUI too), but that wouldn't be able to backup the system state or exchange properly either.
lanehartAuthor Commented:
Have any of you used Cobian backup? What do you think about it? Are there any other ideas of freeware/CHEAP programs that backup system state and EXCHANGE? I will be willing to pay to back up Exchange.

I have had some bad experiences with NTBackup not working properly. ie. Users would swap out the drives and it would just stop backing up after a week or so...

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