Can't Open emails from another users mailbox after searching for them while using Outlook 2007

I'm using Outlook 2007 and when I do a search on another users mailbox that is using Outlook 2003, I'm not able to open any of the messages that I've found from the Search Results box.  Get a message saying "Can't Open Item"  If I go to that message in the folder it is in I can open it, I just can't from the search result box.

This seems to be an issue with Outlook 2007 as I'm able to open items if I'm doing a search using Outlook 2003 and searching another 2003 client.

Is there any fix for this or will they just not play together?

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We found that we had to give "owner" permissions to the person trying to open the mail on the other users mailbox to get this to work. - Ie: User A is doing the search on User B mailbox, give "owner" permission to User A on User B's mailbox that's being searched.
Have you got the Windows Desktop Search thingamy installed on your PC? I know that's used by Outlook 2007 and might cause it to throw a wobbly if it's not installed!
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