HTTP over RPC windows Vista problems


we have windows SBS 2003 server and windows VISTA clients, we can not get them to connect using RPC over HTTP, it keeps coming up with the error about cert problem.

i have imported the cert as admin, but still it does not work.

any ideas how to fix ?

as always many thanks in advance


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vico1Connect With a Mentor CIOCommented:
It will work but you must first install the certificate, and this is how you do it:

1> Run IE as an administrator (Right-click the IE icon Then Click Run as Administrator)
2> Visit the URL of your SBS
3> Click through the certificate error
4> Click the "Certificate Error" button in the address bar.
5> Click View Certificate
6> Click Install Certificate
7>  Unlike Windows XP, you must click the Place all certificates in the following store radio button, and choose the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store.  If you dont do this, the certificate goes in your personal store, and it isnt trusted by IE.

Now after installing the cert it should work if Outlook was configured properly.

As a regular machine administrator, in VIsta, you may not have as many
prviledges as you think. I found out a little while back that VISTA now has
another "Higher" level of administration, and that the regular administrator accounts
are limited. I believe sort of like a Power User would be in a domain environment.

Check out this post, and follow the first link.. Maybe this will help in some way?
davidcairns90Author Commented:
nope tried these and it did not work.....

any more ideas ??

i can not belive this great function of outlook does not work !!!
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