Net:SSH::Perl -- required modules for unix server

I need a list of all the required modules to run Net:SSH::Perl on a Unix server.  This server does not have access to the Internet so I can not use ppm.
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FishMongerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There's a well known problem with Net::SSH::Perl (very slow authentication) which requires installing a couple additional modules that are not part of the prerequisites.

More detailed info can be found in one of my past questions:

If you read my final post in that question, you'll see that to bring the authentication process up to a reasonable speed, you need these additional modules:

The easiest way to find out is by looking at the source.  Here you'll see that you'll need a number of related packages

use Net::SSH::Perl::Packet;
use Net::SSH::Perl::Buffer;
use Net::SSH::Perl::Config;
use Net::SSH::Perl::Constants qw( :protocol :compat :hosts );
use Net::SSH::Perl::Cipher;
use Net::SSH::Perl::Util qw( :hosts _read_yes_or_no );
Is this what you're looking for?  From the Net::SSH::Perl readme file, available at :

$Id: README,v 1.22 2005/01/18 18:02:16 autarch Exp $

This is Net::SSH::Perl. It contains implementations of
both the SSH1 and SSH2 protocols.


Protocol 1

    * Math::GMP (1.04 or greater)
    * String::CRC32 (1.2 or greater)
    * Digest::MD5
    * IO::Socket

Protocol 2

    * Crypt::DSA (0.03 or greater)
    * Crypt::DH (0.01 or greater)
    * Math::Pari (2.001804 or greater)
    * MIME::Base64
    * Digest::MD5
    * Digest::SHA1
    * Digest::HMAC_MD5
    * Digest::HMAC_SHA1
    * Convert::PEM (0.05 or greater)
    * IO::Socket

It also optionally requires Digest::BubbleBabble for
generating bubble babble fingerprints, and Crypt::RSA
(1.37 or greater) if you want to use RSA key files in SSH2.

Note that RSA key files in SSH1 do not require Crypt::RSA.
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