Microsoft Office 2003 Rollout in Windows 2000 AD Environment

Microsoft Office 2003 Rollout in Windows 2000 AD Environment

We are trying to rollout/upgrade our Office 2000 to Office 2003. This
is in a Windows 2000 AD environment. The network is quite varied and
traffic goes through firewalls/routers with other branches or

We are looking for ways on how we can avoid overloading the network
environment as well as balance out the load whiles we roll this out.

Can you please include information or options to achieve this
either through AD or other third parties and the best practise
in this scenario with respect to the network? Thanks
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Through Group Policy Software Installation you can assign or publish to users when they logon. You first need to create the .msi for Office and put the file in a network shared that everyone has at least the Read and Execute permissions.
Assign is a fully automate process and will install once the users login. Publish require users interaction as they have to choose whether or not to install the package.
You can create multiple Distribution points for load balancing, as installing Office remotely can take a long time. If you have a server on each remote sites then you can use them as Distribution point.
From your scenerio I recommend you to use Publish and let user to choose when they want to install the software. But if you want a fully automate process then you can use Assign, but you can asign to different OUs at different times.
Also recommend staging your installation if possible, also enabling Microsoft Office Caching

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