CGI Script

QUESTION: Why dosen't the cgi script work?

DETAILS: I can't get the following script to work: 

This is a standard test script that should bring up all the paths from the root of the server.

CGI Timeout

What I am trying to do is get the search script for ZEUS to run:
Zeus CGI zSearch  -  "This Perl CGI script turns Zeus into a complete search engine. When this script is installed, your link directory visitors will be able to search for any topic of interest within your Zeus directory.

Installing the zSearch CGI


Perl: 5.004_02 or later must be installed on your server. The script will probably run on older versions of Perl.

You must have access to a cgi-bin on your website's server.

You should have prior knowledge of CGI script installation to install the script yourself.

z_search.cgi Script Installation instructions:

1. Download the script zip file.

2. Unzip to any directory on your computer's hard drive.

3. Edit z_search.cgi's first line to reflect the path to Perl on your server. If you have a working cgi script in your cgi-bin then you can get this information from the top line.

examples are:

4. Follow the instructions at the top of the cgi script and edit variables, paths and related information.

5. Upload the cgi script to your website's cgi-bin directory, using FTP. IMPORTANT: You MUST upload using ASCII mode NOT BINARY.

6. Set the cgi script file permission to CHMOD 755

search.htm HTML Page installation:

1.) Change the Form Action line, located in the html code, to point to the CGI script newly installed in your cgi-bin. Example:
<form action="" method="POST">

2.) Install the lines of HTML code located between the <CENTER> tags in search.htm, to your Zeus Header, Footer, or PRO  Template file. This will put the search entry box, All or ANY selector and the Submit button on your Link Directory page(s). This HTML code may also be installed anywhere on your  website
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> 5. Upload the cgi script to your website's cgi-bin directory, using FTP. IMPORTANT: You MUST upload using ASCII mode NOT BINARY.
so you're editing the file on a windoze system?
Then I highly recommend that you convert the file to standard unix format (just \n no \r\n as line end and no \z as file end) *before* uploading. Then upload it in a tranparent mode, means *binary* format in ftp (unless you're 101% sure what your ftp client does in ASCII mode *and* what the remote ftp server does in binary mode).
cssc1Author Commented:
How do I get to binary mode?
when connected with ftp, issue following command before put:

( sometimes just bin)
Which hosting provider are you using?  Some ISP do not allow a perl/CGI script to run longer than 6 CPU seconds.  It could be your script it fine but due to the limitation set by your ISP, the script times out.

cssc1Author Commented:
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