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Hi All,

We have a domain hosted with our ISP (domain.com) which has around 185 subdomains. 2 of these subdomains are hosted on our LAN. Clients on the LAN could not access them, so we created an additional zone in DNS to match, called domain.com and added the two subdomain names as A records. Now all the users on the LAN can access these two subdomains, but not the other 183 because the server now thinks it's responsible for domain.com.

What I'd like to kniw is if there is a way of redirecting requests for the other 183 subdomains back out to the internet by an entry in the domain.com zone or if I will have to manually enter the 183 subdomains to our DNS server?

I've looked into a wildcard A record, but I'm not sure where to point this, and split DNS isn't applicable as we also have the internal domain which isn't the same.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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Jan SpringerCommented:
Why weren't queries for those two subdomains leaving the LAN if you weren't authoritative for them?

Did you run a dig with and without traces?
rdswaddiAuthor Commented:
I created a zone for them so the server was authorative, hence they weren't leaving the LAN.

I have solved the problem by creating two zones (1 each) for the 2 subdomains that need to be resolved internally and have pointed them to the internal server or IP necessary.

Thanks for your response.

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