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Question about DNS setup for a website with multiple servers and different IP's

I have a website:


I have 3 servers that run copies of this website. Each server is has different public IP address:

How do I properly configure DNS so that users on the internet can still access the site if one (or two) of the IPs are down when visiting www.mywebsite.com? 
1 Solution
you're looking for a load balancing solution, which dns cannot do for you.  there are free and cheap ones out there (www.barracuda.com) which will do exactly what you need.

dns can only do round robin for you.  this means that you create A records for all...
www IN A
www IN A
www IN A
and for root @ level as well.

This will basically just, in order give out answers.  meaning first answer to query will be, second answer will be and so on and so forth.  If one of those servers are down, if its that ones turn to get resolved then the user will get page cannot be found.

round robin in not load balancing - get a cheap load balancer.
bfilipekAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the clarification. That answers my question.

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