twm: another window manager is already running on screen 0 ?

I want to run twm with the display appearing on my PC.
I am running Xming with xterm without error.

I have set the DISPLAY to a qualified domain name.

The xterm appears correctly on my pc.

When I run twm on this xterm, I get the message:

twm: another window manager is already running on screen 0 ?
twm: unable to find any unmanaged screens

How do I get twm to appear on my PC ?

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Like I posted in your previous questions.  VNC is the way to go.

Question for you ... why do you want to XDMP a login session back to your PC ?  X is VERY network heavy.  When you kill your connection to the Solaris server, the twm desktop will also die.

VNC allows you to start a X11 desktop (be it twm, fluxbox, xfce, blackbox, gnome, JDS, whatever) and leave it up even when you disconnect.

So why the need to XDMP a session back to your PC ?

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>  X is VERY network heavy.
but most likely less than VNC ;-)

> So why the need to XDMP a session back to your PC ?
there're countless reason to use native X instead of VNC ...

> .. and leave it up even when you disconnect.
that's one reason to use X instead of VNC: the session should die automatically when disconnected, sometimes ...

Anyway, that's probably not the question here.
But I agree that VNC often might be the better choice to display X on a windoze system ... (at least 'cause most people are not used to the power of X and prefer some other cumbersome click&pray :)

X and VNC, both have their advantages and disadvantages, it depends when to use them.
I'm won't feed the troll ... ;)
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Artysystem administratorCommented:
> When I run twm on this xterm, I get the message:

> twm: another window manager is already running on screen 0 ?
> twm: unable to find any unmanaged screens

You cannot run two window managers in a single X server, probably you are already running some. What OS are you using? Depending on OS you should have one of XDMP server running, as Nukfror said. Usually one of these processes takes a role of display XDMP manager: 'xdm', 'gdm', 'kdm', 'dtlogin'('dtgreet'). Check if any of these processes is running. Then check it's configuration - does it allow XDMP queries (read manual for appropriate *dm), if configuration is OK, you may use your Xming to connect to your remote X either by IP address or by XDMP broadcast.
Artysystem administratorCommented:
One more note. When you configure X session on Windows with Xlaunch, don't choose 'Multiple windows', in that case XDMCP (on the next step) will be unavailable.
If you really want to get ugly and feel the "power" of X, setup a nested X session and you can run whatever display manager you have setup on my box.
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